Hey! My name is Dejon. I'm the 21 Year Old Founder of Trend Watchers 👋

Starting a tech company at 19 years old was not easy

To turn my failed high school project (Trend Watchers) into a reality, I decided to go all in.

I went all in by selling my portfolio of 21 Ethereum coins @ $238 / coin for a total of $5,000

This is what my portfolio would have been worth today had I not go all in on trend Watchers.

Developing Trend Watchers

Having $5,000 was nice but it wasnt enough to cover the $30k-$50k quotes I was getting from software development firms.

To overcome this hurdle, I decided to create my vision for Trend Watchers in images. After the images were done, I connected them to create a working mockup & sent it to a developer on Upwork to.

Heres a screenshot of all of the pages I designed from scratch

Here is a Evolution of Trend Watchers!

Trend Watchers Now Has Over 10,000+ Users And Is Growing Fast!

To inspire other young entrepreuers, I am documenting my journey of bootstrapping a tech company from $0 - 1M in real time. Once I achieve this goal, I plan on releasing what I learned along the way in this book I am slowly writing.

Once I achieve this goal, I plan on releasing what I learned in this book I am slowly writing.

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