Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of this page is to help users understand how to use the Trend Watchers platform for their benefit.

How To Find Trending Topics With Low Competition

The home page is where you can find trending topics across ALL the categories we cover.

The discovery tool on the Trend Watchers platform is the #1 way to find high potential keywords with low competition.



Click here to learn how to leverage this tool step by step for your benefit!

The general trends section is where we keep all of the trends we are able to make charts for.


The global trends section is where we store all of the trending keywords we cant make a chart for.


For example, if a new hot song came out today, we cant make a 12-month chart due to the lack of data.



We recently integrated The VIral Video Maker within our trend cards. To access it, you” first want to click on “Research Tools” on any trend card.


After you click this button, this popup should appear. You’ll next want to click “Genrate Video Ideas”.




It should take you to this screen.



Once you are here, you’re all set to start generating video ideas!

Common Questions

We source our trends from a variety of sources/signals but all of our trends are checked with Google Trends.

Also, all of the trends on our platform have an expiration date.

Fun Fact: If we were to stop posting new trends for 1 year, 90% of the trends on our platform would disappear. You can always count on us to have the most updated database!

Trend Watchers was created for content creators but the trends on our platform can be used by entrepreneurs, business owners, investors, e-commerce store owners, bloggers & much more!

We update our data daily. We also take the time to remove old trends from our database daily to ensure everything you see is fresh!

Forward an email to dejon@trendwatchers.co if you would like for us to add your country to our database. (Free of charge)

Note: There are two ways to grow on YouTube. The first way is to take the SEO route by chasing low competition keywords with decent monthly search volume. The second way is to satisfy the YouTube algorithm to have it push out your content to the masses. The first-way works but the second way is the key to exponential growth.

Extra Questions

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