Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of this page is to help users understand how to use the Trend Watchers platform for their benefit.

How To Find Trending Topics With Low Competition

The all trends page is a great place to find new trends we have recently issued.

This page is updated daily with fresh trends across ALL categories.



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The all trends page is where you can find trending topics across ALL the categories we cover.



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The discovery tool on the Trend Watchers platform is the #1 way to find high potential keywords with low competition.



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Having issues applying trends for your use case? or, do you need a deep analysis to get some ideas rolling?

If you answered yes to any of those, you NEED to checkout our trend reports!


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How To Use Our Trends

The #1 way to use our trends as a content creator to get viral videos is to use The Viral Video Maker. You can learn more about that page here. 


Need 1 on 1 assistance with creating a system that allows you to get viral videos on a predictable basis?


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Individual Pages

This section shows you step by step how to use & profit off of each page on our platform.

New Trends Page

All Trends Page

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Discover Page

The Viral Video Maker

Viral Academy

Account Page

Creator & Business Reports

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