How Long Does It Take To Grow on YouTube?

Starting a YouTube channel from scratch and growing it is not an easy job. It can take weeks, months or even years to get a little bit of traffic to your channel. While some may enjoy the long process of slow growth, others may get frustrated for putting hours of work into a video, only for it to get little to no views.

After consulting hundreds of YouTube channel owners on how to grow their channel, I can give you an accurate time frame on how long it will take to grow a channel & how to do it fast. This article will be broken down into 3 sections.

Why traditional YouTube growth methods don’t work
Taking advantage of trends, for quick exponential growth
Reaching 100,000 views per day

Let’s get into it!

Why traditional YouTube growth methods don’t work

First of all, what are traditional YouTube growth methods?

These are methods that 99% of YouTube gurus will you when trying to grow a small channel. Things such as keyword research, clickbait, responding to comments, & much more. These methods work for medium & large channels but have little to no effect for smaller YouTube channels.

You can apply these things to a small YouTube channel, but it will take you over 6 months, just to get a little bit of momentum.

There has to be another way right?

Guess what, there is and I’m going to show you how to speed your YouTube channels growth by taking advantage of trends.

Taking advantage of trends, for quick exponential growth

Out of everything, why trends?

Why can’t we just focus on high volume keywords such as “makeup” or “video games”? You see, the problem is competition. The keywords “makeup” and “video games” get millions of searches each day, but the competition is extremely high making it almost impossible for your video to be seen.

How do we overcome this problem? Simple, we focus on trends.

The reason why I love trends is because if you can find one and take action on it early while there is little to no competition, it will be much easier for your video to rank on the front page.

Once you have ranked a video high for that particular trend, you want to wait a bit for the trend to start or continue building momentum until it is viral.

Once the video goes viral, your channel will get flooded with views & new subscribers. Here go a screenshot down below of one of the best trends I’ve caught in the past.

Now after reading this, which route would you rather take? Would you rather focus on traditional methods of long keyword research trying to rank high for keywords that only get 250 searches a month, or would you rather focus on catching trends early for a quick boost of subscribers & views?

Unless you enjoy watching your channel grow at a slow pace, your best option is to catch trends early. Just by focusing on trends alone can help you reach your first 1,000 or even 10,000 within 3 – 6 months depending on your effort.

So after you catch your first few trends, how do you scale your channel to the next level.

Reaching 100,000 views per day

Before you even think about scaling your channel to 100,000 views per day, you first need to reach your first 10,000 subscribers. Without subscribers, your channel will continue to struggle which is why you must make obtaining YouTube subscribers your number 1 priority when looking to grow your YouTube channel.

You can upload a viral video that gets over 1 million views, but if you don’t get any subscribers from it, you can expect your next video to get your channel video average views of 100 – 300.

What if you have over 10,000 subscribers?

Well now that you have a following behind your name, you can start to conqueror competitive keywords for long term traffic. Here go a screenshot of a video that I get long term traffic from.

I highly recommend having 3 – 10 videos getting your channel around 500 – 5,000 views a day. This will be crucial for making your channel views stable.

While you do this, we recommend continuing cathing trends early so you can grow your channel at an exponential rate. This will help take your channel from 10,000 subscribers to 100,000 or even 1 Million.

Catching trends is a never-ending process, and doing it consistently, will reduce the amount of time it takes to grow your YouTube channel.

Want to grow your channel even faster?

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