How To Build A Brand On YouTube

How To Build A Brand On YouTube

Building a brand on YouTube is hard but possible task to accomplish. Though it will take a lot of upfront work, there are ways we can get the same results in half the time.

In this article, we are going to show you how to do exactly that by breaking this down into 4 different sections.

  • Building Your Channels Foundation
  • Creating Simple Systems & A Uploading Plan
  • Building Out Sales Funnels
  • Executing Your Plan For Long Term Success

We have a lot of information to get through today. Let’s get started!

Building Your Channels Foundation

Look at the image below.

How To Build A Brand On YouTube

This is the foundation being poured for a building. Without this solid foundation, the building could easily fall apart whenever it goes through times of stress and heartache.

If you are looking to establish a brand on YouTube, you must apply these same principles. Without this solid foundation, the chances of you failing are extremely high.

How do we create a foundation for our YouTube channel? Easy, we do this by figuring out our purpose.

Your brand probably has a purpose in place, but take 3-5 minutes to complete the quick exercise below to create a purpose for your YouTube channel.

The Purpose Of (Insert Your Brand Name Here) YouTube Channel is To (Benefit To Customer) By (The Type Of Content You Will make).

Do not skip this exercise. This is very important. Once you are done, put this away somewhere safe where you can view it every time you start to work on YouTube.

Creating Simple Systems & A Uploading Plan

Now that your brand’s purpose for YouTube is established we can now start to build simple systems. When you look at all major brands on YouTube, they all have systems in place for video creation. These systems are called video series. Here go an example below.

How To Build A Brand On YouTube

As you can see, AlmphaM has a few series already pre-made. All he has to do is maintain the same video structure & swap out the subject for the video.

Running a YouTube brand account with this structure is the easiest to post videos consistently without losing video quality. We challenge you to do the same by brainstorming 2-3 video series you can run fo your brand YouTube channel.

Do not skip this step. It is very important

After you are done brainstorming your 2-3 video series ideas, it’s now time to create a video uploading plan. First pick 2-3 days out of the week to designate some time for YouTube.

After you are done picking a few days, assign your video series ideas to each of these days. Keep on doing this until you have at least 1 month worth of content. It should look something like this.

How To Build A Brand On YouTube

After that, you are now ready to move to the next step!

Building Out Sales Funnels

After you are done doing most of your video planning, it is now time to create sales funnels. It is best to place these links as soon as possible on your channel. This will help you push potential customers down your sales funnels generating your sales.

There are multiple ways to create funnels for YouTube to generate sales. Here go a list of the most common ways.

  • Email List
  • Courses
  • Memberships
  • Ebook
  • Webinars
  • Consulting Call
  • Coaching
  • Free Trials
  • Private Groups

Unless you are an established brand, we highly recommend that you do not try to make money using all these methods at once. For starters, we recommend tackling 1-2 at first, then slowly add more over time. This will help keep you from getting overwhelmed and quitting YouTube before you start to see any results.

Executing Your Plan For Long Term Success

What good is a plan if you do not execute on it? This is the part where 90% of people get stuck. It’s not because YouTube is hard, but because they are hit with a wave of procrastination. For most people, posting to YouTube is quite new for them, so they are often afraid to try something new.

How do we overcome this problem? Easy, follow the exercise below!

Before you start to execute your video uploading schedule, we highly recommend that you show your face on camera & introduce your brand and share on camera your brand’s purpose and vision on YouTube.

Though this might not get a lot of views, it will help break the ice for you and your team to get the ball rolling on YouTube.

At first you might not get a lot of views or subscriber son YouTube, but keep following your video uploading plan. This is YouTube’s way of separating the winners from the losers.

From our data and results, most of our students started to see results within 1-3 months of sticking to their video uploading plan religiously.

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