How To Find YouTube Trends

How To Find YouTube Trends

The quickest way to grow your YouTube channel without spending any money is to take advantage of YouTube trends. YouTube trends are very powerful because if used right, you can bring your YouTube channels tons of traffic that will increase your views and subscriber count.

This is key, if you are looking to have a medium to large-sized YouTube channel. When you look at the top YouTube channels within your niche, you will realize that they didn’t grow at a consistent rate. They all grew at an exponential rate, by taking advantage of a YouTube trend early.

In this article, we are going to show you how to find YouTube trends early & take advantage of them, so your YouTube channel can grow exponentially.

This article will be broken down into 4 sections

  • Doubling down in your niche
  • Finding trends within your niche
  • Creating systems to test multiple trends at once
  • Getting your first viral video & scaling

Let’s begin!

Doubling Down In Your Niche

As a small/medium-sized channel, it is important to stick with your niche when looking to use trends. Trying out different potential trends in different niches may work, but it will make it harder for your channel to grow overall. This is why it is important o stick with one niche through this entire process.

If you have your niche established, feel free to go to the next bullet point below.

If not, get a piece of paper and list out the different “major niches” your channel covers. After that, take some time and pick one niche that you love the most that have the highest view potential, if you were to get your first viral video. After this exercise is done, you are ready to move to the next step.

Finding Trends Within Your Niche

Finding trends is a lot easier said than done. But before you even start researching to find trends, you need to make sure you have a good general knowledge about the niche. This is why I said you need to make sure you have passion, because with passion comes high specialized knowledge which will be useful when looking for trends early.

If you can answer these three questions, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding trends within your niche

What does my niche like/don’t like
What recent changes happened within my niche
What do people in my niche look forward to in the future

Finding trends early is different for all niches. Some niches have forums you can turn to to get insider information n upcoming niche changes, and others you may have to follow certain Instagram/Twitter pages. Here go a list of sources you can use to find trends.

  • Websites
  • Forums
  • YouTube videos
  • Newspapers/Magazines
  • Instagram/Twitter Accounts
  • News Websites
  • Word of mouth
  • Startup companies

Since we live in the age of social media, finding information has never been easier (and harder). You should be able to find trends early within your niche with one of the sources above, but there are many more we haven’t listed that you may use to research future trends.

Creating Systems To Test Multiple Trends At Once

Once you have found a few good sources to find trends early in your niche, you need to find a way to test multiple trends at once.

Why should you test multiple trends at the same time? The more “trendy” videos you have up, the higher the chances of one of them going viral.

Here at Trend Watchers, we teach our students about video series. You can systemize your video series & set it up to where you can test multiple hot trends at the same time. Here go an example below

How To Find YouTube Trends

As you can see, Loveliveserve, can test out as many trends (artists) within the music industry quickly, by following this video series format. Doing this allows them to maintain posting quality & quantity.

Take about 5 – 30 minutes to do the same thing for your channel within your niche. This is crucial for getting your first viral video.

Getting Your First Viral Video & Scaling

After observing hundreds of students, I noticed that people started seeing results after posting 15-30 videos using this method. This is why you must have a video series in place.

Getting your first viral video will be a life-changing experience. You probably used to getting 10 views a day, but imagine getting 100k views a day? You’re going to have comments rushing in every second, lots of positive/negative feedback & if your channel is monetized, you should see you’re earnings rise to the moon.

Do not get comfortable in this position. This is where a lot of people mess up, and they end up losing this channel momentum pushing their views from 100k views/day to 500 views/day.

When you hit your first viral video, it is important to stay updated on trends & maintain posting to your YouTub video series. This will allow you to maintain that 100k views per day with the potential to scale it even higher.

Hopefully this guide was able to show you how to find YouTube trends & take advantage of them to grow your channel exponentially.

If you would like to make this process even faster, try Trend Watchers for free.

Trend Watchers, notifies YouTube creators about YouTube trends early while there is no competition, allowing your video to rank high for soon to be popular keywords. This will allow your channel to get a large increase of views and subscribers. This is what we aim to achieve here.

How To Find YouTube Trends

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