How To Get More Views On YouTube

How To Get More Views On YouTube

Your YouTube channel will not survive long without any views coming in. Subscribers are nice to have, but what’s the point of having them if your videos are not being viewed.

In this article we are going to teach you how to take advantage of trends to help you get more views on YouTube.

We will break this topic down into 4 separate chunks.

  • The 8th wonder of the world
  • Developing video series
  • Testing trends in mass
  • Getting your first viral video

Let’s begin!

The 8th Wonder Of The World

YouTube is a very interesting platform. Unlike all other social media sites, YouTube adds the factor of time when it comes to recommending content to other users. This is something most people are not used to when it comes to social media.

This is why I think a lot of people fail with YouTube. They fail the YouTubes “time” test and because of this, they quit their channel dreams.

The channels who did make it through, understand this principle & use it to their advantage to grow their YouTube channels exponentially.

We will show you how to leverage time on YouTube to make your video get seen, but first let’s develop some video series.

Developing Video Series

Why are video series so powerful? Video series are powerful because they allow you to post lots of videos without losing video quality. Here go an example below.

How To Get More Views On YouTube

As you can see, the channel above uses the same video template for all of their videos but changes the subject. This allows them to post a lot of high-quality videos to YouTube. If you combine this high quantity of videos with time, this exponentially increases the chances of you getting a viral video.

So how do I create a video series for my YouTube channel? Easy, follow the exercise below.


Get a piece of paper out or online notepad and think of 2-3 video series you can run on your YouTube channel. Here go another example below.

How To Get More Views On YouTube

Brainstorm 2-3 of these. When you are done, you may proceed to the next step. Do not skip this exercise. This is very important.

Testing Trends In Mass

Why do we love trends so much here at Trend Watchers? Well, trends allow you to bring a lot of views & subscribers to your channel in a short amount of time. Look at the picture below.

How To Get More Views On YouTube

Our strategy is to make videos on trends before they blow up so your video will rank high for it. Your video will rank high due to the low competition. After some time passes and the trend starts to build in popularity, your video will start to explode & bring in tons of traffic to your YouTube channel.

Using this method on YouTube is extremely powerful & it works even better when you combine this with video series.

Now, what I want you to do is take a few minutes to set aside 2-3 days out of the week to focus on YouTube. Next, assign your video series ideas to these days. Keep on doing this until you have 1 month worth of content planned. It should look something like this.

After you are done planning out your content, we want you to take a few minutes to find a few hot trends within your niche.

After you come up with a small list of trends within your niche, we want you to plug them into your video series. This will help you get your first viral video on YouTube.

Getting Your First Viral Video

What good is a plan if you do not execute on it. We highly recommend that you stick to your video series uploading plan for at least 1-3 months while keeping up with the trends within your niche.

This period is crucial for your success on YouTube. If you give up too early, your chances of scoring a viral video go down dramatically due to the lower amount of videos you have up.

This is why you want to stick to your plan as long as you can so that you can maximize your chances of getting a viral video. This viral video will lead to more views, which leads to more subscribers which ultimately makes your YouTube channel bigger.

After you get your first viral video, you need to repeat this process over and over again. If you look at the top channels in your niche, they use this exact technique but on a larger scale.

Hopefully this article will help you get more views on YouTube by taking advantage of time, trends & video series.

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