How To Get Your First Thousand Youtube Subscribers

How To Get Your First Thousand Youtube Subscribers

The hardest part about YouTube is getting for the first thousand YouTube subscribers. To reach 10 thousand or 100k subscribers, you first must clear your first 1 thousand subscribers on YouTube. Everyone must go through this phase.

This task is much easier said than done & most people quit before reaching their first 25 subscribers. In this guide, we are going to show you how you can speed this process up in months. We will do this by breaking this subject down into 4 separate parts.

  • Finding Your Niche & Focusing On It
  • Creating Systems & A Uploading Plan
  • The Importance Of Trends
  • Executing Your Plan For Exponential Growth

Let’s get started! We have a lot to cover in this article.

Finding Your Niche & Focusing On It

This quickest way to overwhelm yourself is to focus on 3-5 niches at the same time. This is the most common thing, a lot of people do when trying to grow their YouTube channel. This ultimately leads to them giving up early in the process. How do we avoid this?

Simple, we focus on one niche. Focusing on one niche will make it easier for us to create systems on your YouTube channel. These systems are crucial for getting viral videos. All successful channels have systems in place.

How do you pick your niche?

Easy, just follow the simple exercise below. If you already have your niche figured out, feel free to skip this step.

First you want to write down 5-10 things that you enjoy doing & would love to create videos about. Next start crossing out things on your list until you are left with 3 options.

Next look at your 3 options, and pick one that meets all of the points below.

There are at least 1,000,000 people interested in this topic
You have a deep knowledge of this industry/niche
Your so passionate about this industry/niche, you are willing to sacrifice sleep just to finish a video

Once you have picked a niche, write it down somewhere and move to the next step!

Creating Systems & A Uploading Plan

Now that you have a niche, we can now create systems for your YouTube channel.

Why are systems crucial for getting your first thousand youtube subscribers?

First of all, have a system in place will allow you to post more videos in less time without sacrificing video/content quality. This is very important.

Send, the more video you have out on your channel, the higher the chances of one of your videos going viral. You need a viral video to bust you past your first thousand YouTube subscribers.

What is a system on YouTube? One type of system on YouTube is a video series.

Look at the image below from loveliveserve. As you can see, they have a video series in place that requires little to no effort. All you have to do is plug in a new subject & you’re ready to make a new video.

How To Get Your First Thousand Youtube Subscribers

Creating multiple video series systems will help you get your first viral video.

Please take 5-15 minutes to brainstorm 2-3 video series for your YouTube channel. Make sure these video series & directly related to your niche. This will make things 100% easier for you.

After you are brainstorming a few video series, it is now time to create a video uploading plan. Video uploading plans are crucial for having a successful YouTube channel.

To create a video uploading plan, you first need to pick 2-3 days out of the week to sacrifice a few hours for YouTube. After these days are picked out, you next want to assign your video series ideas to each day.

Keep on doing this until you have at least 1 months worth of content planned out. It should look like this

How To Get Your First Thousand Youtube Subscribers

You may use Google docs or Excel to perform this task.

The Importance Of Trends

At this point you should have your YouTube channels niche figured out, & a video uploading plan ready to be executed. But before you start executing your plan, we need to teach you about one thing. Trends

Trends are extremely powerful on YouTube & if used right, getting your first thousand YouTube subscribers will be an effortless task.

Here at Trend Watchers, we trends because trends can be used to send quick free traffic to your YouTube channel.

How To Get Your First Thousand Youtube Subscribers

As you can see, our strategy is to find & create a video about a trend early while there is little to no competition for the trend keywords. This will allow your video to rank high in YouTube search. Even small channels.

When the trend starts to take off, your video will get flooded with tons of views that would be converted into new subscribers if done correctly. Before you start to execute on your uploading plan, please look for ways to apply any trends that hot or coming up in your niche. This is truly the fastest way to grow on YouTube without spending a dime.

Executing Your Plan For Exponential Growth

What good is a plan if you do not execute it? This is the part where most people tend to give up. They post 3-10 videos, see no results then quit their Youtube dreams for a few months or even years.

How do we avoid this? Well if you took our advice and followed all of the exercises mentioned in this article, the chances of you succeeding on YouTube are much higher according to our student data.

Having an uploading plan & video series system in place makes YouTube extremely easy to manage and grow. I believe most people give up on YouTube because there is too much upfront work for little reward. By using the tools we gave you in this article, you can beat the odds.

Do you want to grow your YouTube channel even faster? Click the blue-button below to try Trend Watchers for free! We will definitely help you reach your first thousand YouTube subscribers.

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