How to Grow a YouTube Channel in 2020

After months or even years of procrastination, you’ve finally decided to start your own YouTube channel. Awesome, now that you have the desire to get started there is another problem. It is 2020. Is it too late to start a YouTube channel? If not, how do I get started?

I will let this Chinese proverb quote answer your question

” The best time to plant a tree was 3 years ago. The second best time is now”

You need to focus on this 1 thing

The number 1 thing you need to focus on if your looking to grow your YouTube channel is views & subscribers. You cant get subscribers without views, so for this article we will be focusing on increasing the amount of views you get to your channel.

There are a variety of ways to increase the amount of views you will get to your channel. You can take advantage of thumbnails to help your click-through rate (CTR), you can do keyword research to find low competition keywords with little monthly searches and you can even purchase YouTube ads to promote your channel.

These are all great ways to grow your YouTube channel in 2020, but here at Trend Watchers, we love to focus on one thing.

This one thing is Trends.

The reason why I love trends because if you can get in at the right time, you can send a mass amount of traffic to your YouTube channel with hardly any effort. Here go a screenshot down below of a trend I was able to find with a small channel with under one thousand subscribers.

As you can see, just by catching a trend early, I was able to get over 1 million views on this video.

So how did my channel with around 900 subscribers at the time, catch a trend early to get over 1 million views?

You see the problem with targeting high volume keywords is that they get lots of monthly searches which increases the competition. A channel with 1 million subscribers can easily crush a channel with only 100 subscribers making it almost impossible to get your content seen.

The best way to work around this problem is to find a high potential trend that very few people are taking action on & dominate that keyword while it is still easy.

After the keyword is dominated, depending on the trend you want to wait a few days or weeks for the trend to start taking off.

By doing this for about 10 different topics you think are going to blow up soon, eventually one of them will blow up & could potentially kick off your YouTube career.

For me, this special date was August 1st, 2016. I figured out this method & tested it across a wide variety of topics I thought were going to blow up soon & eventually one did. As you can see down below, I was about to get over 200,000 views in one day just by catching trends early. And this method still works today in 2020, and is something very few people are taking advantage of to get easy traffic.

If you look at all the other gurus out there, trying to advise on growing your YouTube channel in 2020, their advice works but it will take you years just to get past 1,000 subscribers. By following our methods of taking advantage of trends, you can reduce the amount of time, it takes you to reach 1,000 subscribers to about 3 – 6 months depending on your effort.

Why do trends work so well?

The reason why trends work so well is because everything is constantly evolving. As they say in business, the 7 most expensive words are “We’ve always done things that way”. If you don’t innovate, you are simply going to be left behind & the same thing applies for YouTube.

A lot of big channels tend to fall victim to this. They tend to get comfortable posting the same type of video within a niche. After some time passes & things start to evolve, some channels don’t move along with the changes. They just keep on posting what worked in the past. A great example of this is skydoesminecraft. He kept posting Minecraft videos for 7 years and eventually he killed his channel because he failed to keep up with the trends.

Our goal here at Trend Watchers is to catch large channels not keeping up with trends & position ourselves to ethically steal their audience when they are failing to innovate. I’ve personally used this technique over and over these past few years including today & it still works.

So to answer your question in one sentence, no it is not too late to start a YouTube channel is 2020. Just follow the trends!

Not sure where to find high potential trends with little competition?

Click the button below, to try out Trend Watchers for free. It is our mission to notify YouTube channel influencers about trends within their niche very few people are taking action on.

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