How To Make Money on YouTube

Make money on YouTube

Imagine earning $10,000 + a month, uploading videos to YouTube. Its a dream, most people would love to do. As someone who has made over $100,000+ on YouTube, I can first tell you that making money on YouTube is extremely easy and anyone can do it. Even a 6-year-old with a camera.

I was able to do it as a 16-year-old in high school. As with everything, YouTube is not a get rich overnight method. It is going to take a lot of time & patience but with time, the amount of money you will earn will increase exponentially. In this article, I am going to show you how to do just that.

We are going to cover 3 things.

Diversifying & choosing 3 ways to make money on YouTube
Profiting & Diversifying

Diversifying & choosing 3 ways to make money on YouTube

My biggest piece of advice for those looking to make money on YouTube is to DIVERSIFY!

Let’s say 100% of your ad revenue is coming from YouTube Ads, and one month you have a bad month in views. Let’s say a 30% drop. What’s going to happen to your ads? Your ads will only be shown 30% of the time, reducing your income from those ads by 30%. Sucks doesn’t it?

This is why it is extremely important to figure out ways to diversify your income from YouTube. Failing to do this, can hurt your channel in the long run. When diversifying your income, you want to focus on building 3 avenues to earn money from. Any less than that, leaves your income vulnerable & more than that will make your channel look like a sales page.

Here go a list of the different ways you can earn money off YouTube.

YouTube Ads
Paid Promotion
Product Reviews
Affiliate Links
Monthly services
1v1 Coaching
Membership Sites

There are more ways to make money on YouTube, but these are the most common methods. Take a few minutes to look over that list and pick 3 bullet points.


After you have chosen 3 ways to make money on YouTube, you now need to figure out a way to organize it and promote it. If nobody knows you have an online course or Patreon, you are not going to make any money. This is why promoting is extremely important.

For each bullet point you’ve chosen, you need to answer these three questions.

What am I offering & how is this going to benefit my viewers
How much am I charging?
Why do my viewers need this?

After making money from almost all of the bullet points listed above, I can tell you that everything that made me a lot of money was able to answer all 3 of those questions.

Take some time to do the same for the 3 things you will be using to make money on YouTube.

Doing this will ensure you are offering something that benefits both parties. Not just yourself.

When it comes to promoting the 3 things you have chosen, make sure you take full advantage of your video description & pinned messages in the comment section. This is where I make a majority of my sales.

Also mentioning the benefits & results of whatever you have to offer in your video directly will help increase conversions as well.

Profiting & Diversifying

This is the stage where winners are separated from the losers. Do you want to know the judge that determines whether you will make money on YouTube or not?


Clock Image

Time is the secret sauce for making money on YouTube. Most people are impatient for results & want a get rich method to make money. Time doesn’t like that.

Time demands work, patience, passion, and desire for success. Failing to give time any of these will result in an immediate failure. No questions asked.

Time doesn’t care about your race, age, gender or religion. This is something people are not aware of, causing them to fail almost immediately.

This is why its important to be patient with your results & promote consistently across all of your videos.

Do you think you’re going to make more money with 3 videos uploaded or 100?

This is why time & consistency is important for making money on YouTube.

This process could take weeks or even months, but there is a way to speed the process up. Want to know how? Hint: Use trends

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