How To Network On YouTube For Business

How To Network On YouTube For Business

Having a large available network can open up new opportunities for you in all areas of your life. Because of this high potential outcome, you should always be looking to expand your network. Most people do a great job of this in person by attending events, talking to new people & going to new places. But have you ever thought about networking with others on social media?

Back when I was 15 in high school I took advantage of social media, specifically YouTube to grow my social circle. Who did I find & meet?

The first person I met was Daniel Acosta with Quickly Media. He mentored me and showed me all of his digital marketing tips which I still use to this day. He also showed me the importance of providing my customers/clients with results.

Another person I met by using my YouTube channel as a tool to network with others is a real estate Hedgefund owner who was furiously purchasing commercial properties. He mentored me with his cousin named Travis. From those experiences, I learned a lot of neat things about the real estate industry specifically the importance of contracts.

None of those experiences would have occurred to me if I didn’t use YouTube as a networking tool. In this article, I’m going to show you how you can do the same.

We are going to cover 3 things

  • Picking your industry
  • Create a video uploading plan using our interview method
  • Reaching out to the top people within your industry
  • Executing your plan & scaling

Let’s begin!

Picking Your Industry

Before we can start uploading videos, you must focus in on a niche/industry. The goal is to establish yourself as an expert or a public figure within your industry.

This will make it easier to reach out to big names within your industry. The bigger the names you can get on your channel, the more views you will get & the further your network will expand which is what we are aiming for.

When picking your industry, make sure you meet all requirements on our short checklist.

  • You have a light passion for it
  • You have a decent knowledge within the industry

Once you have picked a niche to dedicate your YouTube channel too, you are ready to go to the next step.

Create A Video Uploading Plan Using Our Interview Method

If you fail to plan you’re planning to fail. This is one thing I’ve noticed after mentoring hundreds of students here at Trend Watchers.

Those that had a plan in place, had a higher rate of success than those that didn’t which is why I highly suggest that you follow our guide by creating an uploading plan.

Creating an uploading plan is easy. First you need to pick 1-2 days you can dedicate an hour or two for YouTube. Next assign those days, with video ideas you want to try out.

Keep doing this until you have over a month worth of content planned out. It should look like this.

How To Network On YouTube For Business

The Interview Method

After your initial follower base is established, you can now start taking advantage of our interview method.

The interview method is where you bring guests on your YouTube channel that are relevant to your industry and interview them about their life experiences.

The interview method is powerful because you get to network with top individuals within your niche & your ability to grow your follower base.

The more interviews you do, the higher your credibility rises allowing you to reach more power people within your industry. This is something very few people are taking advantage of on YouTube.

Executing Your Plan & Scaling

All of this cant be done without executing your initial plan. This is the part where the winners are separated from the losers.

Most people are scared to post their first video to YouTube. Because of this, they end up quitting before trying. The best way to avoid this is to post 2-3 videos of your face, introducing yourself & sharing your vision for your YouTube channel.

After this is completed, you may start following your video uploading plan, till your initial following is established. Once your initial following is established, that should give you enough credibility to start interviewing peoples. Keep doing this, till you’ve reach whoever you desire to network with.

I used this method at age 15 back in high school to make some powerful connections. You can do the same as well with a little bit of work every week.

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