How To Start A Real Estate YouTube Channel

Since it’s 2020, most people think it is too late to start a real estate YouTube channel. Sure, there is ALOT of more competition to compete against for traffic but it can still be done with a simple plan and execution. Here go our 3 simple steps for starting a real estate YouTube channel

Narrow down your niche

Common Question: I already picked real estate as my niche, why do I need to narrow it down even further?

Real estate is a very broad topic. There is financing, rentals, rehab, commercial & residential properties, law, marketing, the list goes on forever. I could probably make an entire blog listing all of the different niches within real estate but our goal is to narrow down and pick one.

Sure it is possible to pick a handful of these to create content on, but doing this as a beginner can make growing extremely hard.

Why? Because of the law of focus. Look at the image below.

If you focus on 10 different sub-niches within real estate, it is going to be extremely hard to establish a strong authority within that community. It is more efficient to focus on one sub-niche that to spread your energy and time across multiple.

Sometimes focusing on too many sub-niches can make YouTube ALOT more frustrating, increasing your chances of giving up. This is why we recommend focusing on one sub-niche to make things easier for you.

How do I pick a real estate sub-niche?

Simply follow these three steps.

  1. Write a list of 10 real estate sub-niches you have passion & knowledge about.
  2. Get rid of 7 and pick 3 to focus on.
  3. Write out 10 video ideas for each of the three sub-niches giving you a total of 30 video ideas.

Now that you have your sub-niches figured out, let’s move to the next step.

Create a plan & executing

You can plan all day but you won’t achieve anything until you take action. When making your first real estate video for YouTube, you need to keep it simple. This is why I recommend posting 3 videos of your face, introducing yourself along with your channel’s purpose.

After consulting dozens of people, I’ve noticed that the first few videos are always the hardest which is why I highly recommend doing this exercise when you begin your channel. It will allow you to build momentum.

Okay so you have your first videos up, now it’s time to create a plan.

When it comes to posting to your channel, you want to post about 2- 3 times a week to your channel. I recommend 2-3 times a week because it is an easy pace for beginners to maintain & you are able to upload a good amount of content within the YouTube system that will help you establish your brand quickly.

It is extremely important that you stay consistent with your posting so pick 2- 3 days that you will dedicate some time to YouTube. This is crucial for executing your plan and growing your channel. To keep things easy ill pick, Monday, Wednesday, & Friday.

You next want to assign each day a topic or experience you are going to cover. It should look something like this.

I recommend doing this up to 1 month in advance so that you are not short of video ideas. Please do not skip this step. This is extremely important and is crucial for your success on YouTube.

Analyzing data & doubling down on what’s working

This is the fun part of the process. Going through the analytics of your hard work. If you have a brand new channel or a small channel with much traffic, you may not have too much data to work with so I would recommend waiting around 2-3 months while posting on a consistent basis weekly.

You should have at least 30+ videos up for over a month before you doubling down on a specific sub-niche that seems to be working. This will give you an accurate reading of what the market wants & what content you should be focusing on.

By doing these three things, your chances of having a successful real estate channel goes up exponentially. The key is planning & sticking to your plan on a weekly basis. Most people quit after a month.

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