How To Use Playlists To Grow On Youtube

How To Use Playlists To Grow On Youtube

When it comes to getting views on YouTube, you are going to need all the exposure you can get to maximize the chances of you scoring a viral video.

There are many ways to do this. You can post videos to social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Reddit including forums. But in this article we are going to show you how you can take advantage of YouTube playlists, to get your channel even more exposure for exponential growth.

We will break this article down int 3 section.

  • Creating video series
  • Creating a video uploading plan
  • Long term, exponential growth

Let’s begin!

Creating Video Series

Why should you focus on playlist marketing on YouTube? Well, uploading videos to playlists allows your video to get twice as much exposure. This is crucial if you are looking to grow your channel exponentially.

The easiest way to get started with playlist marketing is to organize your current videos into different playlists. You should name these playlists to the keywords you are looking to rank high for.

There is no limit to how many playlists you can create. You can make one, or 100 different playlists to put your videos in.

The more playlists you have, the more exposure your videos will get. If you do not have any videos to put in a playlist, that is fine. We are going to show you how you can create your first playlist & post a lot of videos into it without losing video quality.

How do we do this? Simple, we use video series. Here go an example of a video series down below.

How To Use Playlists To Grow On Youtube

As you can see these videos have the same structure to them. The only difference is the topic being covered. Having multiple playlists using their formate will allow you to post tons of quality videos into playlists which will increase your chances of getting a viral video.

Take a few minutes to brainstorm 2-3 video series, you can run to your YouTube channel.

Creating A Video Uploading Plan

After you are done brainstorming your 2-3 video series, its now time to organize it into a plan you can execute on.

Creating a video uploading plan is very easy. First you want to pick 2-3 days out of the week you can sacrifice some time for YouTube.

Next you want to open up Google sheets or Excel & write these days down. Next you want to assign a video series to that day & focus on creating a video specifically for that video series.

It should look something like this.

How To Use Playlists To Grow On Youtube

Keep on doing this until you have at least a month worth of content planned out. Having this plan in place will make things 100% easier to manage and maintain. If you look at the top YouTube channels within your niche, they all have organized systems & plans that they create and execute on.

This allows them to post videos in mass without losing quality.

Long Term, Exponential Growth

Look at this image below

How To Use Playlists To Grow On Youtube

After you start executing your video uploading plan, you can start making multiple video series as shown in the image above.

When you look at most major channels with over 1 million subscribers they all have some type of system as shown in the screenshot above. They simplify their process on YouTube by creating multiple video series & organizing them into playlists for maximum video exposure.

If you want to grow your channel exponentially, you must apply the same techniques to your YouTube channel consistently.

Hopefully, you learned a few things from this article. Most YouTube gurus that advise people trying to start YouTube channels never show people the power of video series.

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How To Use Playlists To Grow On Youtube

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