How To Use YouTube Trends To Get More Subscribers

How To Use YouTube Trends To Get More Subscribers

If you are looking for ways to grow your YouTube channel exponentially, you should take advantage of YouTube trends. Trends are a great way to send a lot of traffic to your channel within a short period. This can expose your YouTube channel to hundreds if not thousands of potential new subscribers.

In this article, we are going to show you how to find & use YouTube trends to get more views & subscribers to your YouTube channel.

We will cover 4 topics

  • Focusing on a YouTube niche
  • Finding reliable sources to spot trends
  • Testing multiple trends by creating a system
  • Getting your first viral video & scaling

Let’s get started!

Focusing On A YouTube Niche

Before you start searching & using trends, you must double down on a niche. This will make it easier to & use trends. Also, if you can get a viral video, it will make it a lot easier to covert those new viewers into subscribers.

This is why it is important to focus on one niche. If you already do this, feel free to skip to the next bullet point. If not, complete the following exercise.

Write down all of the niches your channel covers. If they are sub-niches within 1 big niche, you can skip this exercise. Next you want to cross out everything except 3 items.

Once you get down to those 3 items, pick a niche that meets the following checklist.

You have a light passion for it
You know what everyone likes/doesn’t like within the niche
There are more than 10 million people interested in this niche

Pick the best point out of the 3 that meets the checklist above. This will make everything else easier, increasing your chances of scoring a viral video.

Finding Reliable Sources To Spot Trends

Can’t you just use the YouTube trends tab to find hot trends? Yes, you can but once a trend is mainstream, it gets harder to rank high for the trend due to all of the competition. If you have a small YouTube channel, the chances of you ranking high for that trend are very slim which is why we recommend taking advantage of trends early while there is no competition.

How To Use YouTube Trends To Get More Subscribers

As shown in the image above, when everyone else is starting to upload videos about a particular trend, you should be taking your profit, looking for the next trend to take advantage of. I’ve reached over 50 million on YouTube by using this simple method.

There are different ways to find sources to find trends early. This may be different for every niche.

The most common places to find trends early are

  • Forums
  • Email Lists
  • Websites
  • Insiders
  • Events/Conferences
  • Magazines
  • News

Take a few minutes to list a few sources you can find trends early for your niche. Write down at least 3 things

After you are done with this, check these sources on a daily level and look for anything new. This is how I find 90% of the trends I use for my viral YouTube videos.

Testing Multiple Trends By Creating Systems

Every major YouTube channel has a system in place. if you try running a YouTube channel without a system in place, your channel wont last for long.

We also use systems as a way to test multiple trends at the same time while maintaining video quality.

The easiest way to create a system is to create a video series. Video series allows you to create videos based on a template. All you have to do is change the subject, which is where you insert your trend. Here go an example below.

How To Use YouTube Trends To Get More Subscribers

Here go an example of a video series from Jubilee. Their YouTube channel can be found here”INSERT LINK”

As you can see, the video setup is the same. This reduces video production time & cost and speeds up the process. All they have to do is change the subject from one trending topic to another.

By having this video series in place, this allows Jubilee to post a lot of videos around some type of mainstream trend without losing video quality.

You need to do the same thing, if you want to test multiple trends at the same time. Take a moment to brainstorm 3 video series you can run on your channel.

Feel free to look at your competitors to find some ideas.

Please complete this exercise. This is a very important step.

Getting Your First Viral Video & Scaling

If you did the exercise above correctly & apply it, you should be well on your way to getting your first viral video.

The first time I got a viral video on my channel, it received over 250,000 views in one day. Most people when they reach their first viral video, they think they have made it & start putting less effort into their video.

Even though your views seem strong at the moment, you must maintain posting videos to your 3 video series to continue to get viral videos. The goal of viral videos is to build your subscriber base fast so each time you upload, people can help your video rank higher on YouTube almost immediately by viewing & liking your video.

By following these steps with long term persistence, you should be able to find trends & use them to get your first viral video.

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