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Frequently Asked Questions


Why does advertising with Trend Watchers work?

New products make great trends due to all the hype around them. 📈

Also, our users are looking for the next big trends within their industry to create content around because

Trends = Vitality = 💲

As a former content creator, it was easy to earn thousands of dollars off a single video focused on a particular trend so I understood how crucial it is to source trends quickly & create content around them.

How is this different from other influencer marketing programs?

With influencer marketing platforms, you pay once for a 30 second – 2min video promotion on one video.

With our platform, you’ll pay once with the potential to have hundreds of dedicated videos created around your product. You can reach 10 times more people with a fraction of the effort (and budget).

Do you offer your service to startups/brands that are not well known?

It depends but there’s a 90% chance that we will decline your application. The purpose of our Trend Alerts is to get our content creators to create content around your product.

We do this by taking advantage of urgency and social proof. We can apply urgency by placing a release date on your product but social proof is how well your brand is known within your industry.

Without that nobody’s going to know who you are and if nobody knows who you are why would they watch our creators video about your product?

Without that, it just makes it harder to motivate our creators to create content around your upcoming products so we’re only sticking with developed companies at the moment.

What is an estimated ROI if a creator were to create a video around my product?

When our creators create videos around your product, generally the entire video is focused on your product.

This is powerful because your potential customers can actually focus in on the features and perks of your product which leads to higher conversions.

We ran a test on a small YouTube channel. We paid them $300 for a dedicated video review of our platform and so far we’ve been collecting signups to our SaaS for under $0.20/user.

That video only got 5,000 views.

Do you have any sample reports?

Yes we do! Fill the form below to receive a sample report of a trend alert.

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Our trendsetters are looking for the next big thing within their industry to create content around. Fill the form below to see if your company qualifies to have its new products listed on our platform.

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