Pricing & FAQ

We help content creators both big & small get more viral videos by taking advantage of trends early! Choose a plan below that best suits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Will this work for my niche?
A1: Yes, our formulas & methods work for ALL niches. Here go a list of all the categories we currently cover. Don’t see your category? Request it and we’ll add it!

Q2: Will this cost money?
A2: We have a free tier, but you can access most of our trends for a small fee of $12 / month. You can also pay for your membership through our affiliate program.

Q3: How can I apply these trends to my channel?
A3: We have a video course that will give you a formula for applying any trend to your channel. We also have The Viral Video Maker to make things easier when applying these trends to your channel.

Q4: What’s the difference between Trend Watchers & other tools such as Google Trends?
A4: For other tools, you have to insert a keyword to see if it is trending or not. With Trend Watchers, we provide you an easy to navigate dashboard where you can discover new trending keywords & phrases. There is no need to input any data. We also show you how to profit off the trends with The Viral Video Maker.