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500 Word Article Sample

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our team will provide all of this for you including a thumbnail that should get you a decent click through rate.

You will have lifetime access to your files.

Yes, these videos can go viral on brand new YouTube channels. We have customers that orders hundreds of videos from us so they can place them on fresh YouTube channels. This allows them to create multiple flows of income.
These channels do not go viral immediately but depending on a few variables you can start to see some traction within 4 – 8 months.
If you’re going to order videos for a new channel, it is recommended to order at least 30 videos. Having less than 30 videos on a new channel makes it harder statistically to hit your first viral video.
After you build some momentum with your first viral video, all of the other videos on your channel should start building momentum as well.

As of now, our most profitable service will be the YouTube video packages. 

ALL content is made/edited by real humans (from the US). We do not use A.I or bots to auto generate content.

This will depend on your order size but we strive to complete orders within 3 to 20 days.

For articles, hashtags & videos we are creating from scratch, yes we have people on our team whos sole purpose is to perform research across various topics. This research is checked by a 2nd person for quality & accuracy.

Yes, we will just hit that topic from a different angle.

We currently cover all niches.

If there is a niche we do not cover on our platform, you can manually request it on the order form.

As of now, we are only doing this in English.
All of the videos we create are different and unique. They are also created by humans. If you come across any copyright claim issues just reach out to us and we’ll replace your video. 
We do our best to make sure none of the videos we provide you will be hit with a copyright claim.
All articles will come with a plagiarism report.

As of now no. Once an order has been started, there is no changing things.

We will give you multiple chances to review your cart before you checkout & place and order.

After any order is placed, there is a 24hr grace period. This gives us a chance to screen for any fraudulent activity & a chance for you to back out if you’ve changed your mind at the last minute.

After this 24 hour grace period has past, there are absolutely no refunds.

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