Hey, My Name is Dejon. Im the Founder of Trend Watchers.

In the past, i've tried

Running a Social Media Marketing Agency

Low Ticket Dropshipping x3

Real Estate Wholesaling

High Ticket Dropshipping x1

Virtual Real Estate Wholesaling

Cold Lead Generator

Becoming a rapper (lol)

FB Marketplace Item Flipping

These are all great ways to earn money online but I failed because I was late to the trend.

This was when I realized that the ONLY way to make BIG money is to spot opportunities yourself & take action on it before anyone else.

This was when I created "The Gold Rush Technique"

The Gold Rush Technique shows you how to sell shovels, while everyone else is digging for gold. This concept work for ALL niches/industries.

I used this technique to find a business model that would work for me. This business is

We notify content creators about internet trends before they blow up BUT

some people have been asking me to provide business trends.....

Here's the issue with that

If someone presents to you the "next big thing" or stock/crypto that is going to blow up, its already too late.

If it's going to make you a multi-millionaire, why are they telling you? They would just scoop the opportunity for themselves.

The ONLY way to spot high-potential business opportunities is to spot them yourself!

And to solve this, I created The Opportunity Spotting Bootcamp.

You can prepare yourself for entering the Opportunity Spotting Bootcamp by doing the following

Show up 10 minutes early

Make sure you are in a quiet place

Have something you can take notes with

If a good fit, our bootcamp is completely going to transform the way you view the world & do business. Anyways I don't want to spill too much. Talk to you soon! - Dejon from Trend Watchers

- Dejon from Trend Watchers