Use Cases


Not sure if Trend Watchers is for you? Check the list below to see if you’re covered!

Content Creators

YouTube & Alternatives

We help YouTube channel owners get more viral videos by taking trends and showing them how to create viral content around it by using the viral video maker.

Tik Tok & Alternatives

We notify Tik Tok creators about the hottest trends & challenges out there in our entertainment trends section.


We take new trends and give you a selection of hashtags to rank your posts in.


We help bloggers find new trends within their niche & assist them with brainstorming content ideas that are engaging to their audiences.

Business & Education


Not sure what your next venture should be? Browse through our opportunity section for some inspiration & opportuniteis.


We assist investors by rolling out reports on new/exploding industries. We also showcase some of the early adopters, different ways to profit from it, along with some future forecasts.

Business Owners/Mangers

Want to know what’s new within your industry? We can help you with just that. If we do not cover your industry yet, just request it through our feedback option!

Affiliate Marketers

We show affiliate marketers low tapped industries/companies with high potential affiliate programs


We showcase hot products through trend alerts & in our opportunity section.

For Research Purposes

Not sure what you’re looking for? That’s fine, we can guarantee you’ll find something interested within your first 30 minutes of browsing through our platform 🙂