Hi, my name is Dejon. Im the 20yr Founder of Trend Watchers!

Trend Watchers used to be a failed school project of mine. It wasn't until 2020 that I decided to revive it & turn it into a SaaS.

I didn't have money at the time so I pitched my software idea to 50 investors.

All of them liked the idea but didn't believe in me. Therefore, they said no

In the past, I always believed that in order to have a successful tech startup, you need...

Lot's of Capital


Large Team

Quirky Office

Large Marketing Budget

After getting rejected by my investors, I knew I stood no chance but gave it a shot anyway.

What happened these next few months completly changed the way I saw creating tech startups.

After spending 3 months taking the bootstrapping route, I was able to

Completely Build Version 1 of my platform for less than $1,000

Get paying users to my platform

Have a top tier software developer who was experienced & full stack

Have 100% equity

Have a custom platform. (We dont use no code)

Get consistent traffic with no marketing budget

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