A Step By Step Guide On How To Use Trend Watchers To Get Your First Viral Video On YouTube

Note: There are two ways to grow on YouTube. The first way is to take the SEO route by chasing low competition keywords with decent monthly search volume. The second way is to satisfy the YouTube algorithm to have it push out your content to the masses. The first-way works but the second way is the key to exponential growth.


Part 1 - Understanding That YouTube is a Numbers Game

Before I started YouTube I always thought there was a lot of strategy and tactics that needed to be applied to get a viral video. Fast forward a few years and I’m getting 2-3 million views a month.

Did my perception on that statement change? No not really, but when you really break it down it’s really just a numbers game when it comes to YouTube.

Every time I would start a new channel, I knew I NEEDED to at least get 25-30 videos up. With this number of videos up, I KNOW about 1-3 videos will go viral within 6 – 12 months.

And no, viral isn’t necessarily 1 million views. In my books, viral is 10x the average amount of views your channel gets per video (excluding any outliers).


Why Do We Want Atleast 1 Video To Go Viral?

When one video goes viral on YouTube, YouTube LOVES to bring the rest of your channel up aswell.


So let’s say you get a video that randomly gets 500 views, now all of a sudden all of your other videos will start to build some traction aswell around the same time.


Some of you reading this may have already experienced this


Why do I need to post 25-30 videos? 25-30 videos is very important for two reasons.


1) Since you have more videos up, the chances of a video going viral by our definition is ALOT higher. (Within a 6-12 month period)


2) If a video goes viral, YouTube has more videos to lift up on your channel which will improve the odds of you maintaining your momentum.


Yes, I know that creating 25 – 30 high-quality videos is very time-consuming and exhausting so I’m going to show you our method on how to systemize your content (which leveraging trends).

Part 2 - Creating Your Video Series

There are two ways to post to YouTube. I refer to these two ways as traditional posting & using video series.


What is traditional posting?


Traditional posting is the normal process people go through when creating content.


Tons of energy & time go into traditional posting. I’ll break it down step by step.

1) Brainstorming: The brainstorming stage varies for different people & niches. It may take some people minutes to come up with ideas. For others, t may take a few days or weeks to come up with a quality idea.

2) Preparing: After you’ve come up with your video idea, you next need to prepare for the video. Once again, depending on your video style, this could take a few minutes, hours or days to organize props, people & logistics.

3) Shooting: One of my favorite parts about content creation is creating the actual video. My second favorite part of creating the video is improvising as you go. Most of the time, videos do not go as planned so it may take you a couple of tries of recording/getting extra footage to make a quality video.

4) Editing: Once again, this one is different for everyone. It could take between 10 minutes – a few days to edit a high-quality video.

Posting to YouTube with our traditional posting method works but gets exhausting when you try to scale operations. This is why creators burn out.


This is also why creators say you can only focus on quality or quantity when making content on YouTube. You can’t have both without burning out

What is a video series?


A video series is where you use the same/similar video setup for each video. Once you have a video series brainstormed, you just have to rotate out the subject.


Creating & running your first video series will give you the same problems as posting traditionally but after 3-5 videos, things will start to get easier.


Having systems for creating content on YouTube is life-changing. Systems allow you to post high-quality video in mass without sacrificing quality.


When applying our video series model on YouTube, it is highly recommended that you plan around 3 – 5 series. If you only run 1 video series, people will get bored and will check out another channel.


Get a piece of paper and write down 3 – 5 video series ideas you can create for your YouTube channel. Here go a few examples from Jubilee.

Here go more examples

Part 3 - Testing Trends

When it comes to applying trending topics to your YouTube channel people often take the hard approach.


The hard approach is asking yourself “how can I make a video out of this topic?”


This is a good and productive question but there are over 1 million ways you can create a video about a particular subject. Having all these options will paralyze you mentally and make it hard to figure out which idea to pursue.


The best way to apply trends to your YouTube channel is to create your video series 1st then use different sources to plug in trending topics to test on your channel.


One great source you can use is Trend Watchers. We post trends daily for content creators every day across 50+ different categories (across different countries too!).

IF we do not cover your niche (yet) you can also use the following sources to plug in trending ideas into your video series.

– Your competition

– Forums

– The news site for your niche

You can use this worksheet to write out your video series ideas. Also here is a complimentary video on how to fill out this worksheet.



As a way to make it easier for our users to get content up, I created The Monetization Mastermind. I would’ve made a video course like everyone else but I don’t because courses

❌ Are too long
❌ I always procrastinated going through it
❌ They lacked the support/accountability

As a solution, I created a group where we meet once a week over zoom to discuss

✅ Ways to systemize our content creation so it’s easier to get stuff up
✅ Holds everyone accountable on posting constantly
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When it comes to going viral, the most important thing you can focus on is learning how to post consistently.

Remember, social media is just a numbers game. We ONLY use trends to better put the odds in our favor.

If you are ready to take your social media game to the next level, click here.