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Why Use Trends?


Trends are a quick way to send traffic to your YouTube channel which will help you further build your subscribers & view count.

The key to being successful on YouTube is catching trends while there is no competitionthen take profit as everyone else tries to capitalize on that trend.



in online views from creators who use Trend Watchers.

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Our goal here at Trend Watchers is to not only help channels get more subscribers & views using YouTube trends but to better train their brains to spot trends & make money from it in both the short and long term.

We want this extremely valuable skill to help you in your dating, professional & even financial life so that you are able to take control of your life and are able to spot opportunity before anyone else does. They never taught us that in school unfortunately.

Founder & Chief Trend Watcher of Trend Watchers – Dejon Brooks

My Story (Long)


Back when I was in middle school, I would play a lot of ROBLOX. I played this one game called Two-Player Gun Factory. I would play it all day & night hoping my name would reach the top 10 for the most kills of all time.

Since I would play this game a lot, I figured out a bunch of hack & exploits to give myself a competitive edge. I knew so many of these that I was afraid I would forget them all so I created a YouTube channel to help me store this information in video form.

The funny thing is, I didn’t realize the videos I posted were public, not private so when I returned to my channel 6 months later, I had around 400 – 600 subscribers with a couple thousand views.

I was quite surprised with my result so I posted another 15 – 20 videos and left the channel for another 6 months anticipating double the results.

And guess what? I was correct!

I came back to just over 1 thousand subscribers and around 25k lifetime views. I started seeing the potential with YouTube so I started posting videos consistently.


Fast forward and now I’m at the end of my freshmen year. Right before summer break started, I told one of my neighborhood friends that I was going to be a YouTuber.


Immediately, I was told that I would fail and that larger channels would beat me. This discouraged me but it motivated me to post 1 video a day for the entire summer break.


I remember, I would be at my computer editing videos each day before hanging with my friends. It was hard but I enjoyed the process and knew that my hard work would eventually pay off.


One day during the middle of my editing, one of my friends from church named Christian Mazerigo introduced me to a concept called “Dank Memes”


It was a rising trend and I figured people would like it so I started making meme compilations. After posting over 100 videos moving at a rate of 2-3 / day, I decided to change my strategy a bit. My videos were not getting viewed and I felt like I was wasting my time so I went o go see what my competition was posting and I noticed something fascinating.


They were posting dank meme compilations of trending memes. I decided to give these “trends” a shot and 1 week later I scored my first viral video.

I will never forget that day. It was August 1st, 2016. That was the first day of my sophomore year. I was sitting at lunch eating my food and I opened my YouTube creator app and my jaw just dropped. I couldn’t believe it.


This marked the beginning of my YouTube career. Ever since then, I would stay on top of trending memes and I would easily get over 100,000 views per upload.


I started creating other channels in different niches. I was able to get those off the ground as well by taking advantage of trends early.


Everything was going great until the whole Logan Paul incident. This was when my channels started getting demonetized and now I wasn’t able to earn a full-time income off my views anymore.


At the time I was getting around 2-3 Million views/month with 100k monthly Snapchat views. I tried creating a website, merch line but I was never able to figure out how to get my income back to where it was a year earlier.


I was also constantly fighting false copyright claims on my videos at the same time so that didn’t help at all, so I started a social media marketing agency to help me on the revenue side of things.


After a few months of content creation and stabilizing my views to around 2 million / month, my entire empire fell apart overnight.


I had around 10 Youtube channels with a combined total of 250k subscribers and 50 million + views. All of these channels were connected to the same email.


It turns out, one of my channels had multiple videos with gruesome content (that I failed to spot) got reported. This quickly got me 2 community guideline strikes. Combined with another one I received a few weeks prior, that channel quickly got banned from YouTube.


Unfortunately, all of my other accounts on that email got banned as well (with no appeal).


I was only able to get to one in time which is my YaBoiDJ channel which I now keep as some evidence of my past achievements. This is the channel I reference a lot during my video trainings for Trend Watchers.


I was truly crushed by this event. All of my original videos were gone. I had no backup files or anything. Most of my portfolio was gone.


This eventually caused me to quit YouTube. I still post to the YaBoiDJ channel occasionally but I’ve had a few very close calls so I just leave it be.


Now, you are probably wondering, what brought me back to the platform?


Well, people would always ask me for YouTube advice. I also saw advice from “experts” showing people how to grow their channels and it was all crap advice. They kept focusing on things that wouldn’t improve peoples views.


This was enough to motivate me to come back, for educational purposes.


The first thing I did was found Trend Watchers & created an audiobook channel (successful) & ASMR channel.


The purpose of Trend Watchers is to help content creators spot trends in the niches of their choice & educate them on the different ways they could profit off a trend.


The creation of Trend Watchers was a lot easier said than done. We first started out in a group chat, then slowly moved over to a software application.


I personally hate YouTube but YouTube is a great place to push traffic over to your website, software, or businesses.


My goal here at Trend Watchers is to teach people how to use trends to get traffic & how to properly funnel your traffic over so that you are not 100% reliant on YouTube.