Hi, my name is Dejon. Im the 20yr Founder of Trend Watchers!

Trend Watchers used to be a failed school project of mine. It wasn't until 2020 that I decided to revive it & turn it into a SaaS.

I didn't have money at the time so I pitched my software idea to 50 investors.

All of them liked the idea but didn't believe in me. Therefore, they said no

In the past, I always believed that in order to have a successful tech startup, you need...

Lot's of Capital


Large Team

Quirky Office

Large Marketing Budget

After getting rejected by my investors, I knew I stood no chance but gave it a shot anyway.

What happened these next few months completly changed the way I saw creating tech startups.

After spending 3 months taking the bootstrapping route, I was able to

Completely Build Version 1 of my platform for less than $1,000

Get paying users to my platform

Have a top tier software developer who was experienced & full stack

Have 100% equity

Have a custom platform. (We dont use no code)

Get consistent traffic with no marketing budget

- $57,000

The Birth of The Bootstrap Mastery Program

One day one of my customers told me he dropped $57,000 on a app idea (which ended up flopping). I took a look at that idea and told him he could have gotten that done for $1,500 – $3,000.


This inspired me to create the Bootstrap Mastery Program

If you are looking to create your own app or SaaS

It is possible to create a high-quality SaaS or app for less than $5,000. Why give up equity to investors or spend tens of thousands of dollars out of your pocket, only for the idea to flop.


Our Bootstrap Mastery Program will teach you how to

Tunr Your Idea Into Reality With Less Than $5,000

Get Your First thousand Customers

Build & Manage A Remote Team

We Can't Wait To Meet You Soon!