The Opportunity Spotting Bootcamp

We help entrepreneurs spot life-changing opportunities through trends

Our Philosophy

1. Prepare

Build a proven process, designed to sell anything.

2. Spot

Look for opportunities to run through your pre-built process.

3. Quietly Take Action

After an opportunity has been found, quickly & quietly take action on it with the processes you’ve prepared.

1. Preparation

This is the most important step of the 3. You can have million-dollar opportunities come your way, but if you’re not prepared, the opportunity will go to waste.

There’s an endless number of ways to prepare yourself for opportunities. We make this step simple by focusing on what you are already good at, and building a proven system around it.

Once your first system is live and ready to deploy, we will move to the next step.

Examples of some pre-made systems

2. Spotting Opportunities

We will next show you how to spot and create your own opportunities within the industries of your choice.

3. Quietly Taking Action

Once you’ve spotted an opportunity not too many people are taking action on, quietly run it through a funnel you’ve prebuilt to start generating sales.

Why Does Our Method Work?

Other Gurus

You’ve probably been bombarded with make money online opportunities over Instagram, FaceBook or YouTube.


These methods do work, but all of the good money has been made. If there was still a lot of good money to be made, why would someone give these secrets away to other people? 

Trend Watchers

We show you how to spot your own opportunities around the thing you love to do.

Not only will you have less competition but there is more money to be made, and it’s easier to acquire customers due to the lower competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

This training program is for anyone looking to improve their work, life or financial situation by spotting their own opportunities.

This includes

  • Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • People looking to start their own business
  • Investors
  • Small Business Owners

Yes, the techniques taught in our training program works for all industries both big and small.

The most valuable week in our training program is week 5.

This is where we will show you how to create your own luck.

Yes, you can still join and our program can help you spot opportunities within your business/industry, which can be leveraged to enhance growth.

Since you already have a system established, there isn’t too much a need to prepare. 

Well this is the training program for you!

We will show you how to take a set of skills (while learning others) and organize it so you can take action on any opportunities you may come across.

Believe it or not, everyone comes across good opportunities on a weekly basis.

  • 8 Week course that consists of 30+ videos
  • A fountain of resources that can be used to learn new skills & network
  • Monthly Q&A sessions to answer any questions/concerns


This training program does not come with a community. The whole point of this program is to teach you how to spot your own opportunities & take action on them. Sharing these ideas with others is the fastest way to have your idea/concept stolen which is why we’ve decided not to add a community to this program.

You will still have access to ask questions in our monthly Q&A webinars.



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Hi, I'm Dejon 👋

I’m the 20-year-old founder of Trend Watchers.

My journey started 7 years ago selling online accounts over a gaming forum.

This was the beginning of a long list of small businesses I would start throughout my middle/high school years.

Some of these businesses were huge successes, others were not.

When I look back at all of these ventures I started, I noticed something interesting.

I realized that each business I started, prepared me for my next venture.

This allowed me to deploy faster, spend less capital upfront, and get paying customers as soon as possible.

After spending over 7 years, trying out different marketing/sales methods, I was able to create a few funnels that worked well for me.

All I needed was a good idea to run through this funnel so I could start turning a profit.

Fun Fact: Trend Watchers used to be a high school project that I received an F for. After this incident, I threw it away in the bin. 

Two years later, I realized that this idea was in demand and people were willing to pay for it.

Once I spotted this opportunity, I simply pulled out the framework I’ve prepared over the years and was able to launch Trend Watchers within 12 hours.

Yep, that included my website, logo, and everything else. I was generating sales the next day.

In this training course, I am going to show you how you can do the same by following our philosophy.