The Viral Video Maker

Video Explanation/Tutorial

The viral video maker is a tool designed to help content creators apply trends to their YouTube channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Alot of content creators use our tool and find AMAZING trends within their niche but there is one problem.


They didn’t know how to use the trend in a creative way. To solve this problem, we created the viral video maker!

Need help brainstorming an ew video series? If that’s a yes, select the “Pick Template” option to assist you.


Did you find a good trend on our platform to use but you are not sure how to create a video around it? Select the “Custom Idea” option in the correct category to generate some video ideas on how you can use this trend.


Selecting the random button generates a random video idea. This is great if you need some inspiration.


Watch the tutorial video above to learn step by step on how to leverage this tool to get viral videos with the trends we issue.

The viral video maker is still in beta but with enough clicks, you’ll eventually come across a good video idea to leverage.