Trend Watchers 6.0 Release

Here’s Whats New

Trend Watchers version 6 has been in the talks for a while and now it’s here!

Here’s what’s been added!

  • New categories
  • Trend Watchers Discover
  • Smart homepage
  • Category sub-menus
  • 1500% more daily trends
  • New courses
  • Improved navigation & onboarding

New Categories

The following categories have been added recently

  • Stocks
  • Outdoors
  • Celebrities
  • Kids
  • Toys
  • Real estate
  • Holidays
  • Eco
  • Sales
  • Luxury
  • Pets
  • Side hustles
  • Cars
  • Music(all)
  • Vegan

Please give these categories up to 14 days to start filling up

Trend Watchers Discover

Our trend discovery tool allows you to enter any keyword. After your phrase has been inserted, click search to view your results. Our discovery tool will show you trending phrases you can take advantage of today.

Not sure what to put in this tool? Click the random option!

Smart Homepage

We’ve recently rearranged the homepage to give it a more smooth look and feel.

Category Sub-menus

As we add more categories, we decided to add sub-menus. These sub-menus will keep the category selection page less crowded and more organized.

New Courses

Learn how to turn trends from our platforms into a profitable online business. Our courses will show you step by step on how to do this.

Other Changes

We’ve also fixed a few bugs & made the site more mobile-friendly. We also have the ability to post more daily so expect so have your new homepage filled up with trending topics!

Want us to add a new feature? Submit a support ticket and let us know! Thanks!

-Trend Watchers Team

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