Trend Watchers Automated

When I first started Trend Watchers, my #1 goal was to not only notify content creators about internet trends before they blow up, but I wanted to help them apply it to their social media channels for a nice profit.

This inspired me to create The Viral Video Maker.

This worked out well, but a lot of people were still having issues applying relevant trends creatively to their YouTube channel.

This next inspired me to create Trend Watchers Automated. Here’s how it works.

You can add trends to your card by clicking the add to cart button on the top right hand corner of the trend card.

The Trend Watchers Automated service is great for those that own cash cow YouTube channels.

What is a cash cow YouTube channel?

These are faceless YouTube channels that’s prime purpose is earn a steady passive income from viral evergreen videos (videos that stay relevant for years).

If you own a cash cow YouTube channel (or want to start one), this service may be for you if you are looking to automate & scale things.

Here go a video tutorial on how you can turn any trend into a 8 – 10 minute video.

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